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AFGC (Andi Fitness Gold Coast) Wellness Studio is on a mission to help people live healthier lives through Pilates, Personal Training, Rehab Training, Weight Management and Massage Therapy. 

* Personal training sessions – in MERMAID WATERS

* Group sessions – in MERMAID BEACH at Blue Heron Boutique Motel****.

Hey! I'm Andi Baumuhlner

I’m a 45-year-old, mother of three. My ultimate goal is to help women achieve a healthy, fit body and pain free lifestyle! I have been training and treating clients for nearly 10 years and during that time I have refined my health and fitness strategy to provide the best results, but more importantly, to do so while having fun.

Want to lose weight, get fit or live a pain-free life?

Want a personal trainer who takes the time to understand your goals and abilities? Someone who is highly qualified in Female-Specific Training and Rehabilitation Training?

I know how to get results!

How can I help you?

Personal Training and Weight Management
My perspective on personal training is completely different than most trainers’ and one you need to hear. From lifting too much weight to poor technique, an exercise performed incorrectly can mean you are not getting the benefits you are looking for. I also use High Quality Pilates Equipments to improve the strength. I provide a Full Body Analysis, combine bodyweight exercise and weight training and I use plyometric training to improve my clients' mobility, stability and speed. I help my clients make permanent and lasting lifestyle changes not just affecting their weight, but their life.
Pilates and Rehabilitation Training
My safe and effective rehabilitation programs meet any individual needs. I was trained in Hungary and Australia to deliver cupping techniques, kinesiology taping, moxibustion and tissue flossing for rehabilitation and performance application, rehab pilates. In the last ten years I have helped hundreds of people to overcome their hurdles, to get started with an active, pain-free lifestyle, and to fully recover from chronic pain or injuries. I provide end stage rehabilitation programs, targeting health on a holistic level to manage injuries or pain. After a full body assessment, a personal program will be created to target not just the specific injury or pain, but every aspect of the client's health.
Massage Therapy
The benefits of my massage therapy is far more than those feel-good moments. Massage may be a way for you to feel better physically, mentally, emotionally. Each of my sessions is a building block, training your body to maintain its relaxed state and teaching your muscles to remain loose even during high-stress periods. I am FROZEN SHOULDER specialist. Book a Relaxation massage, Sports massage, Deep Tissue/Trigger point massage, Synergy Hot Stone massage, Bamboo Massage or AromaYou massage right now!

The #AFGC studio is nothing like the big corporate gyms...

Constantly Varied Training

I am trained to deliver Pilates exercises and Yoga, Core training and Functional training, gym and mobilisation exercises. I provide solutions for back, hip, shoulder, knee pain. I am also a Massage therapist, so that I can help you with muscle tension.

Fully Private Sessions

One on one training sessions mean no more interruptions and no more waiting for gym equipment. Get ready to be training at your own rhythm and pace. Take advantage of ongoing guidance and support, even outside of your sessions.

Pilates Reformer

I supplement my personal trainer exercises with pilates reformer machine exercises.
Reformer Pilates develops a strong core by supporting and strengthening the muscle of the torso, hips, shoulders and pelvis.

Client Reviews...

Simply Amazing
Andi is a certified experienced personal trainer who gives you all her knowledge, passion and enthusiasm. She is excellent in motivation as well. I am thankful & highly recommend her. Simply amazing.
No More Pain
I decided to visit Andi for a massage with my injured ankle and after her thorough therapy, I could manage to walk home WITHOUT PAIN. She also showed me a great technique that I can practice at home.
Knowledge & Patience
I feel so much better and more energetic. Andi has knowledge, patience & kindness to provide you the service that you need. Whether you want to lose weight or need a good deep tissue massage go to Andi.
Enjoyable Sessions
I’m always excited for my sessions and really look forward to working out and learning new exercises. Andi is so knowledgable and friendly which makes my sessions more enjoyable!
Knowledgeable & Friendly
Andi is knowledgeable as well as friendly and warm. She has taken the time to ask me specific questions to document my fitness goals, weaknesses, strengths and injuries. Andi is very thorough.
Bridgette Watson
Andi Is Really Amazing
I can highly recommend Andi, she is a really lovely, passionate knowledgeable personal trainer, with so much expertise in so many areas.
I Felt Much Better
Recently I injured my Achilles’ tendon. I called Andi for an appointment. She massaged my calf and ankle also applied trigger point pressure and other therapies. After half an hour I felt much better.
Andi Is a Real Gem
I was looking for a PT and I found a lot more than that! Andi is a real gem. She knows her stuff, and her service goes above and beyond our sessions together. She is also very professional...
F. Metford
A True Weekly Treat!
Andi is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about using all her training and skills to give you exactly what your body needs. I feel I know a lot more about my body than 6 weeks ago.
Anne Dubelaar

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