16-Question Hormone Type Questionnaire (for Women)

1. Are you prone to gaining fat around your waistline (developing a muffin top)? 

A: No, I have more of an even fat distribution throughout my body.

B: Yes, primarily I am prone to gaining weight on the middle part of the abdomen, around my waistline.

C: I am more likely to gain weight localised to my abdomen.

D: I am more likely to gain weight on my thighs and bottom.

2. Are you particularly craving foods that contain fruits, honey and are high in fructose?

A: Yes, I love them, especially in the form of dairy desserts.

B: Yes, I would kill for a cake, a smoothie.

C: I prefer salty foods.

D: I crave them occasionally.

3. Do you like long cardio trainings, monotone weight trainings (running, cycling, walking, etc.)?

A: I love to variously integrate these as well into my trainings.

B: Yes, this type of training/movement is one of my favourites.

C: I prefer strength-training, training with weights.

D: I am good at cardio trainings in which the leg muscles are loaded primarily.

4. Do you see yourself typically thin in shape and do you think it is more difficult for you to gain muscle?

A: It is moderately difficult for me to gain muscle mass.

B: Yes, I can feel that I gain muscle slowly and with a lot of work.

C: It is not difficult; actually I gain muscle pretty fast.

D: I gain muscle easily on my thighs and bottom, but it is more difficult on my upper body.

5. Based on your body type, do you gain fat more rapidly around your hips, bottom, and thighs?

A: It also occurs on those areas, but it is not typical.

B: It is more likely that I gain weight specifically on the middle part of my body, like a muffin top.

C: This type of gaining fat is not typical.

D: Yes, I definitely gain weight on the lower parts of my body.

6. Are you prone to developing cellulite (orange-peel skin)?

A: They are visible but not to a large extent.

B: I do not typically have cellulite.

C: I have not noticed it yet.

D: Yes, they appear quickly on my thighs.

7. Is it easy for you to gain muscle on your thighs and bottom?

A: Not typically.

B: Yes, but not primarily there.

C: Muscles are evenly, clearly visible on my body.

D: Yes, muscles appear on these areas first as a result of my trainings.

8. Do you like hot, spicy food? 

A: Not really.

B: I crave them occasionally but they are not my favourites.

C: I really like salty, spicy dishes but not primarily hot ones.

D: Yes, very.

9. Do you feel like you are gaining muscle easily and that you have always been ”strong-boned”?

A: I am more prone to gaining weight (fat).

B: I am absolutely not this type.

C: Yes, I typically have a thick physique, I have stronger bones.

D: This is not typical.

10. Do you like salty, spicy, heavy meals?

A: I don’t like them.

B: I love spicy meals but these are not my favourites.

C: Yes, I eat salt with salt on it.

D: These are my favourite spicy meals.

11. Do you prefer training with weights; is that your strong suit? 

A: Yes, but I am not particularly good at them.

B: I don’t really like to work with heavy weights.

C: Yes, these are my favourites and I’m good at them.

D: Yes but I only like the training of the lower body parts.

12. Is it typical that you gain weight around your abdomen and chest, that you gain abdominal fat?

A: I gain a few kilograms on these areas but not primarily.

B: It is not typical for me.

C: Yes, I gain weight around these areas primarily.

D: I gain weight more on the lower body parts.

13. Do you like sweet, milky, creamy things?

A: Yes, I love them.

B: I eat/drink them but they are not my favourites.

C: I don’t like them.

D: I mostly like fatty dairy product.

14. Does your body store fat evenly on different body regions?

A: Yes, I don’t have an area that would show prominent weight gain, excess weight is typically distributed on my body.

B: Yes, but there are critical parts more prone to gaining weight.

C: No, I typically gain weight on the middle part of my body.

D: No, I gain weight more on my thighs/bottom.

15. Do you like active movement, trainings?

A: I don’t really like to do sports, I like calmer programs.

B: Yes, I cannot stop moving.

C: Yes, mostly strength trainings.

D: I like to move, train but only because I know that it is healthy.

16. Are you prone to gaining weight?

A: Yes, if I take a deep breath, even that will show.

B: Not typically.

C: I mainly gain weight on my abdomen and around my internal organs (visceral area), I get paunchy.

D: Yes but only to gaining weight on the lower body parts.

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Include your full name and the letter based on your most answers (‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’).

This test is provided for your information only and does not replace qualified medical advice. The information supplied may not apply to every person or all situations.

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