Get in shape, get fit with Spine Training

I specialise in Spine training and I can assure you, your own body is all you need.  

Just choose an Appointment time that best fits your schedule and I’ll be with you every step of the way to guide you on your journey.

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This is high value Spine training program.

I offer PRIVATE sessions in MERMAID WATERS. No matter your fitness, flexibility or mobility I help you to be fit with exercises.

Working in fitness training over the past 10 years, I have followed the latest research in this area. I have adopted and evolved advanced training techniques that focus on connected systems — interdependent brain, muscle, joint and sinew chains throughout the body. They are activated with a variety of newly-developed connected movements and exercises. 

This makes my classes different, more varied and more fun — often doing things you have never done before in other gym classes

Spine training is a great way to Change Your Body and have fun.

The primary benefit of my training tends to be a dramatic increase in core strength. This, in turn, will encourage good posture, better spinal alignment and strengthen all your joints. This flows onto increased physical wellbeing and mental balance. This training is often referred to as a full-body workout – all of your joints and muscles are involved and these improve and develop as one.

This training can also help with gaining lean muscle, weight loss, increasing energy levels and improving both mental and physical strength.

Each fundamental training principle acts as a building block towards better health, good posture, self-awareness, steady breathing, a stronger core and establishing the connection between mind and body

You’ll also receive fitness tips, mindset strategies, feedback, expert advice on specific issues, and strategies to overcome any obstacles.

Flat Belly Workout jam-packed with the best training exercises

Okay, so in your pursuit of finding the best tummy exercises for a flat stomach you’ve trawled the Internet and done a hundred half-hearted crunches… But, and I hope this doesn’t come as a surprise, that’s not the most effective way to sculpt a strong core. Shocking, I know! 

In fact, whilst knowing which stomach exercises build core strength and chisel a toned tummy are important, also being aware of the other factors impacting how visible those muscles are, and the safety measures to take into account are equally as crucial too.

So, if you’re ready to kiss goodbye to pointless exercises not doing you (and your abs) any good, then book one of my training sessions!